Tips for wrapping wine bottles

Wine has infiltrated almost everything we do in life; it is used kn celebrations and events, friends drink wine when they come together, business partners make deals over glasses of wine, lovers use wine to celebrate their romance, people also use wine to get rid of stress and anxiety. Besides all of these, wine is also used to enhance relationships. It is one of the finest gifts you can give anyone, as there is a choice for everyone. However, to make the recipient of your wine gift feel nothing short of gratitude and admiration, you should wrap the bottle well. Presenting a classy wine in a rough-looking paper doesn’t portray you in a good light.

If you are looking to order for wine or beer online, then you can read about online beer and wine stores on USreviews. You will get information about different types of wines and beers as well as the different companies that make and sell them. You will then know the best type of wine to buy for the purpose you are buying it, especially when you want to gift it out. You can also read about companies that sell wraps for beer bottles and you will get to see the type of wraps that people are buying and their experiences when they use the wraps on wine bottles. Here are tips for wrapping your wine bottles:

Satin bow wrap

This is one of the simplest yet most attractive way of adding an irresistible appeal to your wine gift. You need a satin ribbon, some strong glue and patience to achieve this look. Wrap the win bottle from the bottom up and stick one end of the satin ribbon at the base of the bottle. Ensure you safe the satin ribbon at the top of the bottle before tying a bow on the bottle’s neck as the last touch.

Brown paper wrap

This is perhaps the most appealing of all the ways to wrap a wine bottle. All you need is pristine brown paper and some transparent tape. Wrap the bottle with the brown paper and use a twine to join the wraps at the top. Ensure you don’t rip or squeeze the paper while folding it or adjusting the folds. Use the transparent tape to cover an revealed part of the wine.

Sleeve wrap

Another appealing way to wrap a bottle is to use the sleeves of your old clothes. All you have to do is attach a rounded fabric to one of the openings of the sleeve so that the sleeve has only one opening. Then slit a side of the sleeve and add a zip. If you can’t do this as neatly as possible, get a tailor to do it for you. This is particularly a great way to gift someone wine during the cold season.

Nature’s wrap

This wrap is quite intricate but simple. It involves using natural fibers such as straw to wrap a wine bottle. Use a strong glue to attach the twine to the mouth of the bottle so that it will adhere accordingly. Once this is done, you will start at this point. Use the natural fiber to wrap the bottle from bottom to the top. You can add a creative craft work to the fiber to make it more beautiful.

Sock and bow wrap

If you don’t feel creatively inclined or have the patience to do the styles listed above, you can just get a brightly coloured sock and satin ribbon. Put the wine inside the brightly coloured sock and tie the ribbon as a bow at the base of its neck.